SÃO PAULO - FROM MAY 29 TO 31, 2025



1. Who we are

From the same founders of Afiliados Brasil, which had its first edition in 2013, Gambling Brasil is going to its third edition and will take place simultaneously with Afiliados Brasil 2025.

By bringing together the best professionals and players in the market, the event is seen by the target audience as the perfect meeting point for networking, promoting the exchange of experiences between affiliates, advertising companies, digital marketing agencies, buyers and sellers of traffic, and all types of users of companies directly or indirectly linked to betting.

Currently, the event belongs to the Brazilian Institute of Affiliate Marketing (IBMAfiliados), which seeks to raise the level of professionalism and knowledge within the industry in Brazil, contributing to the growth and continuous improvement of digital affiliation practices.

In 2025, already in its thirteenth year, it will take place on the three floors of the Frei Caneca Convention Center, at Frei Caneca Street, 569, on 29th, 30th and 31st of May 2025.

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Afiliados Brasil in numbers

See the evolution in the number of participants over the years.


General Sponsorship of the Event:

  • Booth with 16 square meters and basic assembly;
  • Folder (made and costed by the sponsor) enclosed with the event’s support material;
  • 24 VIP tickets;
  • Different price for purchasing more tickets;
  • Logo on the event credential;
  • Logo on www.gamblingbrasil.com.br with sponsor and exhibitor status
  • Logo on all support material;
  • Logo next to the “I went” space;
  • A lecture of up to 30 minutes in one of the auditoriums at a time defined by the organization of the event;
  • Three panels measuring 1 x 2 m for sticking (made and Installed by the sponsor) at the auditoriums;
  • Undetermined full-page ad in Afiliados Magazine distributed at the event;
  • Priority in proposing other sponsorship items;
  • Special discount for expanding the booth (you only pay 360.00 USD /sqm for anything exceeding 16 sqm)

Investment: 18.800,00 USD + City Hall and Electricity Fee (*)
(promotional price valid for contracts signed until 15th December 2024)

Cocktail Sponsorship:

Exclusive Cocktail Sponsorship on Thursday or Friday (5/29 or 5/30) on the 4th floor:

  • A cocktail will be offered on the 4th floor to event participants with an exclusive sponsor;
  • This cocktail takes place after the last lecture of the day, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, in the booth area.
  • Investment per day and one just one floor.

Investment: 18.800,00 USD. Includes drinks, snacks and buffet staff.
(promotional price valid for contracts signed until 15th December 2024)


Participation in Gambling Brasil can also be through booths. The value varies according to the size of the booth and according to the table below:

From 6 m² to 11 m² ==> 590 USD / sqm 

From 12 m² to 15 m² ==> 550 USD / sqm 

From 16 m² to 20 m² ==> 520 USD / sqm 

From 21 m² or more ==> 460 USD / sqm

+ City Hall and Electricity Fee (*)

* Promotional price valid for contracts signed until 15th December 2024

The above values ​​include a booth with Basic Assembly shown in the image below, with the appropriate specifications indicated:


A montagem básica é composta de paredes, carpete cinza no chão, testeira com nome da empresa em letras helvéticas, iluminação e uma tomada.
Importante: cada expositor pode locar móveis e outros acessórios de decoração com a montadora oficial ou qualquer outra empresa. Pode também fazer um upgrade ou mesmo construir um estande do zero. A Metro Quadrado Cubo & Estandes, montadora oficial do evento, está qualificada para desenvolver qualquer tipo de projeto, porém se o expositor já trabalha com outra montadora, não temos qualquer restrição a outras montadoras.

Other important information about participating in Gambling Brasil

  • Logo on the Gambling Brasil website  all exhibitors, regardless of the size of the booth, have the right to publish their company logo with a link to the website;
  • VIP invitations all exhibitors receive one VIP invitation per sqm to be distributed to customers and people of interest to the exhibitor;
  • Exhibitor Credentials all exhibitors receive one Exhibitor Credentials per sqm for use by people who will work at the booth during the event.;
  • Discount for advertising in the Afiliados Magazine all exhibitors have a discount for advertising in the Afiliados Magazine, which is distributed free of charge at the event. This discount is negotiated individually and is in accordance with the size of the booth;
  • Exhibitor’s Manual all exhibitors have access to the Exhibitor’s Manual, an online platform from Afiliados Brasil and Gambling Brasil with assembly rules, schedules, indication of suppliers and everything the exhibitor needs to have an effective and peaceful participation;
  • Help DeskFlávio Raimundo and João Barcellos are available via email, cell phone and WhatsApp to clarify and provide full support to the exhibitor from the day the participation contract is signed until the event takes place.

(*): City Hall Fee  – based on Law No. 13,477, of December 30, 2002, Art. 2nd and Art. 4 and Decree No. 44,052 of December 2011, art. 3 of the Municipality of São Paulo, a fee is charged per booth for the duration of the event. This fee costs 40.00 USD per booth and for the entire duration of the event. To make things easier, the Afiliados Brasil and Gambling Brasil organization will pay the fee of all exhibitors and include the value of each exhibitor in the contract;

(*): Electric Energy Feeach exhibitor pays an electric energy consumption fee for the duration of the event. This fee varies according to the size of the booth and is priced at 17.00 USD / sqm.

Questions – If you have any further questions, send a direct email to:
Flávio Raimundo - [email protected]
João Barcellos - [email protected]

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4. Merchandising

  • Folder insert or leaflet in the event support material bag.

Investment: 1,300.00 USD

This value is only for the booklet service, that is, the making of the contents is on behalf of the customer.


Advertise in the only magazine related to Affiliate Marketing in portuguese!

Afiliados Magazine is a magazine in print and digital formats.

The objective of Afiliados Magazine is to offer content aimed at the affiliate audience, promoting the opportunity to learn everything it takes to effectively monetize projects and leverage affiliates' businesses on the internet.

Through interviews, articles, systematic promotion of training and tutorials and direct contact with sponsoring platforms, the magazine is an opinion-forming vehicle in the segment.

In addition to the printed magazine, we also have the publication in digital format, with all the contents of the printed one.

In all Gambling Brasil events, copies of the Afiliados Magazine will be distributed to all registered participants, sponsors, press, guests and other participants of the event. Get to know the digital version of Afiliados Magazine.

Ad formats and values:

Ad formats:

Second Cover: 1.435,00 USD

Third Cover: 1.410,00 USD

Forth cover: 3.050,00 USD

Full Page: 735,00 USD

1/2 page: 660,00 USD

Double page: 985,00 USD


Ads up to ½ page must have a border and full-page ads, 0.5cm bleed.
Ad with a specific page will only be accepted if it is greater than or equal to ½ page, as well as an increase of 30% in the table value.

6. Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact:

Flávio Raimundo - [email protected]
João Barcellos – [email protected]

São Paulo - From May 29th to 31st, 2025